Jamie Goode, the 'Wine Anorak', recently visited Bordeaux and shot the above video as he flew along the Left Bank of the Gironde in a helicopter. He has kindly let us reproduce it here.

For those who have yet to visit Bordeaux – arguably the world's premier wine growing region (in terms of the value of fine wine traded, at least) – the video provides a nice introduction to its topography.

Three things in particular are striking about the Left Bank:

1. It is incredibly flat – particularly in contrast to some of the other fine wine producing regions, such as the Moselle and Douro valleys.

2. It is almost entirely a monoculture

3. The various chateaux – event the quite minor ones – are quite startlingly grand and opulent, dominating the relatively drab countryside that surrounds them.

Prices for the wines from all the chateaux that feature in the video can be found on liv-ex.com.

For the back story to this video, see Jamie's excellent blog