Fine Wine 50 since launch.30.06.2010

Today Liv-ex is launching a new index, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50, which will be updated on on a daily basis.

The index tracks the daily price movement of the most heavily traded commodities in the fine wine market – the Bordeaux First Growths. It includes only the ten most recent vintages (excluding futures, currently 1998-2007) and is price weighted, with no other qualifying criteria applied.

As such, the  Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 is easily replicated in an investment portfolio.

It is calculated at 5pm (UK time) each working day. The daily close is published on every morning. 

The daily series (end of February 2010 onwards, see chart above), is now available for download. The monthly series starts in January 2000 and was based at 100 in January 2004.

How the index is calculated

  • 50 component wines – the last ten “physical” vintages of the five Bordeaux First Growths: Haut Brion, Lafite, Latour, Margaux and Mouton Rothschild.
  • Components are added in July of the year they become physical (3 years after vintage, 2007s added in July 2010), and removed after ten years (1997s removed in July 2010).
  • Each component is represented by one 12x75cl case.
  • The component price is calculated using the Liv-ex Mid Price. The Mid Price is the most robust pricing measure available in the fine wine market (see the full Liv-ex Mid Price methodology).
  • The index is price weighted.

We will be providing more information and analysis on the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 in the coming weeks. 

To  purchase the component price data or weightings please get in touch. All Liv-ex Indices are also available for licensing.