September saw increased trade in Italian wines, bolstered by firm demand for Sassicaia. A number of recent vintages have tipped £1,000 per case this year, including the 2002 (WS 87) and the 2003 (WS 92), both of which have seen particularly strong price movement despite their unspectacular Wine Spectator scores. The latter, which is currently offered on the exchange at £1,050 per 12x75cl case, is up 30% year-on-year, whilst the 2002 is trading at £1,000 per case, up from £750 a year ago (a rise of more than 33%). On average, the last 10 vintages of the Super Tuscan are available at around £1,130 per case – a clear indication that the market has accepted £1,000 as the benchmark.

The graph below shows the year-on-year price appreciation of Sassicaia vintages 1998-2006. As you can see, more recent years (which are slightly cheaper than older vintages) appear to be generating the most interest, whilst the 1999 (WS 92) has seen little change. The 2005 (WS 94) and the 2007 (WA 95) are the only vintages that are currently available at under £1,000 per case. At £950 each, both wines may represent good value.

Sassicaia year on year 

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