The Sotheby's Lafite Ex-Cellar Auction in Hong Kong has seen furious buying so far, with numerous vintages fetching super-premium prices. On average, vintages 2000-2009 have changed hands at two-and-a-half times the price that the wines last traded at on Liv-ex. The 2009, for example, which is currently offered on the exchange at £11,200 per 12-pack, realised a massive £43,120 at auction (all auction prices quoted are for 12x75cl cases, including buyer's premium), whilst the 2003 was sold at £31,360 (compared to £11,200 on the exchange). Other stunners include the 2000 at £45,000 and the 1982 at £84,300 per case – more than double the wine's market value.

As you can see from the table below (which shows auction prices alongside recent Liv-ex trades), Hong Kong is certainly not the place to buy wine for investment purposes… 

 HKD Auction 
All (hammer) prices are for 12x75cl cases and include buyer's premium.

The auction is still in progress at the moment, but check back on Monday for a fuller analysis.


Three bottles of the 1869 have just sold for 1,815,000 HKD (£147,020) each.