Bolstered by a crescendo of First Growth trade, the Liv-ex Claret Chip Index entered new territory on Friday and became the first of our indices to surpass the 400 mark. The index rose 1.3% on the previous week to a new high of 402.13.

Though Lafite continues to enjoy unfaltering demand, last week saw trade broaden to include the rest of the First Growths. A number of Mouton vintages put in strong performances, led by the 1998, which rose from £3,250 per 12x75cl case on the 12th of November to £3,500 on Friday – a change of 7.7%. Other major movers include Latour 1995 (+5.1%) and Lafite 2003 (+6.5%). The latter is currently bid on the exchange at £13,200.

Claret Chip