Having realised around 89% of Liv-ex trade in 2009, Bordeaux further dominated trading in 2010, accounting for a definitive 95% of total exchange turnover. The driving force behind Bordeaux's success is undoubtedly Chinese demand and the Far East's current predilection for Left Bank Classed Growths – particularly Lafite. As a side effect, however, 2010 saw Burgundy's share of trade sink to an all-time low of 1.3%, whilst trade in Champagne fell to 1.4% – down from 5.9% in 2005. 

The table below shows each region's percentage of trade in 2010.

Regional averages - 2010 - 2005  
As you can see, Bordeaux's share of trade has increased dramatically since 2005, and whilst Burgundy's share of trade remains relatively low, the last few months have shown some signs that demand is on the rise. With the 2009 Burgundy tasting in London in full swing this month, will we see a spike in demand for the region's top wines?