The fine wine market put in a strong performance in December, with all of the Liv-ex fine wine indices seeing in the new year at all time highs.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 Index once again posted the largest gain. The index closed at 401.11 on the 31st of December- up 2.5% month-on-month and up 56.9% for the full year.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index finished the year at 336.28, up 2.2% month-on-month and 40.5% for 2010.

The Liv-ex Claret Chip Index hit 413.73 , reflecting a change of 2.1% month-on-month. In 2010, the index was up 52.4%.

The value of the Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables index rose to 333.82 – up 2.3% on last month. The index is up 42.3% for 2010.

Liv-ex 100 full-year end