January trade saw an auspicious start to the year, with all of the Liv-ex indices registering healthy gains. The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 Index posted the largest increase, rising 4.4 per cent month on month to 418.65 (a change of 58.9 per cent year on year).

The Liv-ex Claret Chip Index - which is constructed of top-rated First Growths – also put in a strong performance and was up 3.4 per cent to 427.78 by month end. The index has risen by 52.6 per cent over the past year.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 closed the month at 346.14, reflecting an increase of 2.9 per cent month on month and 40.8 per cent year on year.

The value of the Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables Index on 31 January was 346.59. Not one to be left out, the index has risen in value by 3.8 per cent month on month and 43.2 per cent year on year.

LVX 100