Reports from the trade tastings in Bordeaux this week have been a mix of compliments and cautions. It would seem that the old mantra of “all things in moderation” doesn’t apply to Bordeaux 2010 – a year of high tannins, high acidity and, in many cases, high alcohol. The general feeling seems to be that the vintage is good to great, but unprecedented alcohol levels (15.1 per cent for Mission Haut Brion) have been a note of discord – even, it seems, amongst winemakers. According to a recent Decanter article, local oenologists fear that rising Merlot alcohol levels are threatening regional style. Read the full article here.

Over the next few days, the critics will continue to taste, rate and tweet their way through the rest of the primeurs. In the meantime, James Molesworth of the Wine Spectator has published his list of the wines of the vintage. The table below shows a selection of his favourites. (His First-Growth scores are available here.)

JM on 2010
Scores from

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