Despite an upswing in demand in the final weeks of March, the First Growths saw relatively sedate trade last week. Prices shifted (ever so slightly) in both directions and the Liv-ex Claret Chip Index closed at 445.52 on Friday - a change of -0.03 per cent week on week.

Volumes of First-Growth trade were significantly lower than the previous week and accounted for less than a quarter of exchange turnover (compared to more than two-thirds the week before). Of the wines that inched higher, Haut Brion 2005 posted the largest weekly return (of just three per cent ). Latour 2006 recorded the largest fall, having moved down in price by four per cent.

The chart below shows the individual fortunes of the index's constituent brands over the last six months. Haut Brion and Mouton have clearly led the charge whilst Lafite prices appear to have levelled off.

Claret Chip 6-month progress by brand