With the Bordelais back at their desks this morning, the flow of 2010 releases resumed. Leoville Barton was among today's most expensive releases, having emerged at €72 per bottle ex-negociant – up 15 per cent on 2009 opening prices. Grand Puy Lacoste took the trend a step further and was released at €57.6 per bottle ex-negociant - up 20 per cent on 2009. It was Smith Haut Lafitte, however, that carried the heftiest premium. The 2010 was released at €77 per bottle - 24 per cent above 2009.

With their strong scores and widespread popularity, Grand Puy Lacoste and Leoville Barton were the only 2010s that achieved a reasonable degree of success today. Barton 2010 prices outpaced those for the 2009 (£750) and the wine traded on Liv-ex at £790 per 12x75cl case. This said, asking prices appeared to push the very limits of what the market was prepared to pay.

The table below shows the ex-negociant prices of today's releases, as well as their respective 2009 prices.

2010 release table 

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