Lafite 2010 trading

Only a few weeks after the campaign ended, secondary market trading prices for some of the top wines from 2010 have dropped by as much as 15%. 

As you can see in the above chart, the Liv-ex trading price for Lafite 2010 has dropped from £12,500 (per 12x75cl case) at the height of the campaign to just above £10,500 currently.

Latour has softened from £12,500 to £11,000, whereas Margaux has dropped from £8,000 to £7,450

Outside of the the First we have seen two of the most popular wines of the vintage also start to move lower. Lynch Bages has dropped from £1,300 to £1,150, while Pontet has moved down from a high of £1,350 to £1,120.

This is not totally unexpected, it would make sense that prices would peak when demand is highest (i.e in the midst of the campaign) and start to drift lower aftertwards. (Indeed, we saw a similar pattern for the 2009 vintage.) This year, however, the price falls appear to have taken hold earlier than usual (despite the later finish) and are already showing signs that they will be somewhat steeper.