Vine, our specialist logistics provider, trebled its warehouse space in April when it opened a temperature-controlled wine chamber within London City Bond, Tilbury. The new warehouse space is the only temperature-controlled wine chamber in the LCB Tilbury complex and offers the ideal storage environment for fine wine. Because wine is sensitive to temperature change, the ability to maintain a cool, constant temperature inside becomes ever more important as the summer heats up.

Temperature fluctuations cause wine to expand and contract rapidly, thereby running the risk of allowing oxygen – the enemy – into the bottle. (Read more about the dangers of wine aeration here.) The Vine chamber has been designed with this in mind and remains a constant 16.5°C. To illustrate this, the graph below shows the outside temperature readings at Tilbury over the last month, along with those from inside the chamber. 

Temperature chart (inside vs outside) 
Vine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liv-ex Ltd, handles all Liv-ex transactions and provides a specialist storage and transport solution for the international fine wine trade. Click here for more information on Vine services.