There were more fallers than risers last week, thus sending the Liv-ex Claret Chip Index down 0.45 per cent (week on week) to 440.79.

Having recently scaled new price heights, it was the 2008s in particular that lost their footing. Renewed caution saw Margaux 2008 drift in value from £4,950 per 12x75cl case at the start of the week to £4,500. Other '08 underperformers included Latour and Mouton, which posted falls of seven and four per cent respectively. For the remaining vintages, there was faint shuffling, but little notable price movement.    

The chart below shows the Liv-ex Claret Chip's progress since the start of the year. Steep 2010 release prices were a boon to back-vintage trade last month. But with the campaign now behind us, the index has dipped back down to February's levels.  

Claret Chip