Since the release of its (high-priced) 2010, recent vintages of Montrose have benefited from hot demand. Aided by rapid price movement in June, physical vintages of the Super Second from 2000 onwards have increased in value by an average of 34 per cent in the year to date. At the top end of this is the 2006, which traded at a new high of £790 per case last month and has risen in value by 60 per cent this year. This can be seen from the chart below, which is taken straight from the pages of Cellar Watch. 

Despite its vertiginous ascent, the 2006 remains only a fraction of the price of the 2010, which is currently offered on Liv-ex at £1,435 per case. Will the 2004 (£600) and the 2002 (£585) be next to up the pace?

The table below shows the current prices and year-to-date price moves of the ten most recent physical vintages of Montrose.

 Montrose table