The total value of bids and offers on Liv-ex has doubled in the last year and has broken through the £20 million mark for the first time.

This increase in exposure is partly due to the rapid expansion of the Liv-ex membership, which has become the largest pool of buyers and sellers in the world. (We currently have 388 members in 33 countries, spread across six continents.) 

A comparison between Liv-ex trading prices and merchant prices also reveals that the exchange offers the most cost-effective route to market in the industry. The components of the Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables Index (i.e. those that commonly form part of an investment portfolio) are available at an average of five per cent less on Liv-ex. Falling costs and increased liquidity (even in a moving market) underscore the pace at which fine wine as an asset class is maturing. 

Total value of bids and offers