First Growth price drops resulted in further index falls last month and saw many of the benchmarks enter negative territory for 2011. All of the Liv-ex Indices ended the month on a down note, led by the Liv-ex Claret Chip Index, which descended 8.03 per cent to 386.07. The index is down 6.69 per cent year to date and is up 3.15 per cent year on year.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 (which tracks the price movement of a different set of First Growths) retreated 6.97 per cent to 386.49. The index has drifted 3.64 per cent this year and is up 8.41 per cent year on year.

September yielded a 6.35 per cent fall for the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index. The benchmark finished the month at 322.66 – down 4.05 per cent year to date and up 4.72 per cent year on year.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables Index descended 4.91 per cent to 334.36. The index has fared slightly better than the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100, having risen 0.16 per cent since the beginning of January and 10.09 per cent since September 2010.

The broadest based of the Liv-ex Indices, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 500 Index failed to resist downward pressure last month. It declined 2.23 per cent, but is up 11.38 per cent year to date and 19.48 per cent year on year.

Liv-ex Fine Wine 100