Burgundy's share of trade on the Liv-ex exchange built steadily through the second half of 2011. Having accounted for an average of one per cent of trade between January and June, mounting demand for DRC saw the region's share of turnover swell to eight per cent in December.

Bordeaux, however, ended the year on a low note. The region consistently accounted for more than 95 per cent of trade in the first eight months of the year. But in the wake of the en primeur campaign, demand faded rapidly. By December, Bordeaux represented just 80 per cent of exchange turnover – its lowest level since March 2009.

Regional share of turnover

Having once been wedded to the Left Bank's top labels, buyers have clearly developed a roving eye. And as well as embracing Burgundy's leading wines, they are increasingly turning to Italy and the Rhone to diversify their portfolios. The Rhone in particular accounted for six per cent of trade in December – five times its 2011 average.

The table below shows the breakdown of trade by region over the last five years (based on average monthly turnover).

Trade by region