Liv-ex Fine Wine 100

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 maintained positive momentum last month and rose 3.36 points (1.16 per cent) to 293.66. The index is making a slow but steady recovery and is up 2.56 per cent year to date.

A number of First Growths, including Margaux 2003 and Haut Brion 2008, posted strong returns in February, but it was the top names from the Right Bank, Burgundy and Italy that led the market higher. Tache 2006 and Petrus 1998 were among the index's top risers, having gained 10.25 per cent and 9.91 per cent respectively. 

In last month's Market Report we noted that the 2011 correction was remakably similar to that seen in 2008. As the chart below shows, prices have fallen 19.48 per cent since June, compared to 20.43 per cent in the period leading up to February 2009. 

Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 2008 vs 2011
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