Each year Liv-ex surveys the international wine trade upon their return from tasting the new Bordeaux vintage. The survey is designed to track the consensus of opinion amongst the best professional tasters of young Bordeaux and is open to all Liv-ex trading members – more than 400 of the world's largest buyers and sellers of fine wine.

This year's survey includes questions on vintage quality, vintage comparison, the top wines and the most disappointing wines of 2011. A summary of the findings will be published on Liv-ex.com and on the blog as soon as the responses have been collated. You can view the results of last year's survey here

To make it worth the effort, we are offering a magnum of Zilliken Saarburger Rausch Riesling Auslese Goldkap 1990 to the participant that provides the closest estimate of the actual release prices of our basket of wines in question nine. Trading members who have not yet received an invitation to complete the survey should contact the sales team for more information. 

For comprehensive coverage of news, scores and release prices, visit our (updated) Liv-ex En Primeur Pages