Yesterday saw the launch of the new Liv-ex website. You will have noticed several major changes to the platform and we hope that you are as happy with the site as we are. Last week we touched on some of the most notable new features, including the "Market Price" and the improved trade ticker.  

The Market Price

The Market Price replaces the Liv-ex Best List Price as an indication of the price you are likely to pay for SIB-compliant stock, off the exchange. It is based on the cheapest 6 and 12-pack wholesale prices advertised by leading merchants in the EU over the last 14 days. If no price is found, the calculation is rolled back to the next price showing in our database. (Where appropriate, such as DRC, alternative unit sizes are used for the calculation.) 

Montrose 2005

The trade ticker

The trade ticker is designed to provide a snapshot of of live activity and market movements. The top row shows the most recent Liv-ex transactions. Green denotes that the wine has traded at a discount to the previous transaction and blue indicates that it has traded above the previous transaction. If there is no change in price, blue signifies that the bid has risen to match the offer, while green signifies that the offer has dropped to meet the bid. The second row shows firm bids (to buy) and offers (to sell). Bids are shown in green and offers are shown in blue. 

Trade ticker

For more information on Liv-ex prices, contract types and trading, please visit the help section or email your contact at Liv-ex.