Liv-ex Fine Wine 100

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 retreated in April. High 2011 release prices had a negative effect on broader market sentiment and the index fell 1.24% to 289.92. (Full coverage of the 2011 campaign is available on the Liv-ex En Primeur Pages.) 

Although, in general, prices edged lower, buyers cherry picked top-quality Left and Right Bank wines. This can be seen from the table below, which shows the month's top risers and fallers. 

Top risers and fallers

The premium that Lafite commands continues to decline and several vintages of the First Growth make an appearance in the bottom half of the table – including the 2004. Until recently, the '04 (£5,700) was the cheapest young vintage of Lafite on the market. But demand for the vintage cooled rapidly after the 2011 was released in London at a more attractive £5,200. 

The current levels of the Liv-ex Indices are provided below. 

Index levels