While the rest of the market continues to experience a downward trend, June 2012 has proved to be a sunny success for one region at least.  

Summer demand for champagne is thriving, and the recent release of Taittinger, Comte 2002 (L-WIN 1083057) – a much-admired vintage – has generated a particularly large number of trades on Liv-ex this week.  Over the last five days, 9.4% of all trades on the Exchange have been from Champagne; normally the region accounts for less than 2% of the market share per month.  

Prices for other 2002 Champagnes are holding steady, with some even seeing an upward drift. As shown in the chart below, Dom Perignon 2002 (L-WIN 1082656) has experienced a constant succession of trades throughout the last year. The most recently traded 12×75 sold on Liv-ex for 7% more than it did in August 2011, and 4% higher than the beginning of 2012. 

As we have highlighted previously, Champagne seems to act as a useful potfolio diversification tool during periods of uncertainty.


Trades on Liv-ex for Dom Perignon 2002