Last week we reported on the losses and gains of the Bordeaux 500 since the beginning of 2012, and a month ago we looked at the performance of the First Growths within that time period.

Now we have broken down the Bordeaux 500 Index into its sub-indices – First Growth 50, Right Bank Super 50, Second Wine 50, Sauternes 50, Right Bank 100 and Left Bank 200 – to track their individual trajectories over the last year.

As you can see from the chart below, it has not been the same story across the board. The First Growths have evidently experienced the largest loss, along with their second wines, with both dropping around 30% in value since June 2011. Other Left Bank wines have fared less poorly, with the Left Bank 200 falling by 13%. The Sauternes 50’s performance is stronger still, with a 6% descent overall.  

On the other side of the Gironde the tale is more positive. The Right Bank ‘Super 50’ have dropped by 11% in the last twelve months, but the Right Bank 100 – which includes Clos Fourtet, the top performing wine of the last six months in the Bordeaux 500 – has managed to stay above the water for much of the last year.

As of the end of April 2012 the wines in the Right Bank 100 had actually risen in value since June 2011, and even now they have only fallen overall by 0.9%. Notably, they have also held a near-flat line between May and June.