As we reported in the second week of July, the Liv-ex DRC
Index (which tracks the price movement of the brand’s leading five crus) has
been outperforming
the Liv-ex 50
 over the last year.

With Burgundy experiencing its third consecutive increase in
market share in July (reaching 6%, whilst Bordeaux remained at an
uncharacteristically low 86%), the region may be benefitting from the First
Growths’ fall from favour.

Nevertheless, the DRC index has fallen slightly (2.8%) since
its peak in May, suggesting that the brand was not immune from the prevailing

With much of the trade currently away, however, and the Liv-ex
50 posting stable levels over the last six weeks, we cannot expect August’s end
level to indicate the DRC Index’s future trajectory. September – just over a
week away – will be the month to see which direction the Liv-ex 50’s level will
go, and whether the DRC Index will regain its footing.