Back in July we reported on the relative success of the Right Bank 100 in the last year compared to the other sub-sections of the Bordeaux 500. Managing to stay firm when prices for other Bordeaux had retreated, the index was seeing a year-on-year loss of just 0.9%.

Many of the wines within the Right Bank 100 have experienced significant price rises in 2012. Below is a list of the top 20 wines, with Clos Fourtet (LWIN 100833) clearly leading the pack: not only are its 2000 and 2008 vintages the wines that have seen the largest percentage gain, but it appears six times in the table.

Other wines that are particularly appealing to buyers are Eglise Client (LWIN 1009567) , Evangile (LWIN 1009642) and Figeac (LWIN 1009769), which have three vintages each in the top 20. Meanwhile, it would seem that older wines are most on the move: 14 of the vintages seeing strong price changes are from 2000-2003.