In the August Market Report we looked at the percentage share of Bordeaux trade for sub-sections of the Bordeaux 500 since the start of the year.  The wines within the 500 accounted for 93.8% of this trade in the first seven months of 2012. But what of the other Bordeaux?

The table below shows the top ten wines that have accounted for the remaining 6.2% of Bordeaux trade in 2012. The percentages alongside them are their individual shares of that sales turnover.

Clinet tops the list thanks to its 100-point ‘perfect’ 2009 (LWIN 1008225), which alone made up 7.8% of ‘other’ Bordeaux trade. Other wines with a perfect scoring 2009 vintage also excelled, namely Smith Haut Lafitte (LWIN 1015261) and Beausejour Duffau (LWIN 1006423), with 6.5% and 1.9% of trade respectively.  Over half of Trotanoy’s sales also came from its 2009 (LWIN 1015955), while Lascombes 2005 (LWIN 1012299) accounted for much of the brand’s sales.

Strikingly, wines outside of the 500 accounted for more Bordeaux trade in 2012 than in 2011 (6.2% compared to 5%). Further proof of buyers diversifying is in the variety of wines themselves. In January–July 2011 there were 135 different ‘other’ brands traded; in 2012 there were 167. 


* This represents the share of 2012 trade out of Bordeaux wines that are not in the 500