Wine collectors are feeling bullish about the market, according
to results from the latest Cellar Watch competition, which closed on Wednesday.
Cellar Watch members – wine collectors from around the world – were invited to guess
the end of year level for the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index.

There were over 700 respondents, and predictions were
overwhelmingly bullish. September’s index level of 260.08 was the most recent: over
three quarters (77.8%) of respondents anticipated that this would rise by
December 31st. The average guess for its future level was 268.74,
which would show a 3.3% increase from September.

The chart below shows that the majority of predictions fell
within the 260 – 269.99 bracket, and the second largest amount were for 270 – 279.99.
Of the respondents, the vast majority (92.7%) predicted that the end of year level
would fall somewhere between 240 and 299.99. 

Index Predictions
Members were also surveyed on their reasons for buying wine.
 Its importance as both a passion and an asset was evident, with three quarters of respondents saying they buy to both
drink and to invest. Of the remainder, 15.9% buy to drink only, and 8.6% buy to
invest only.

Wednesday’s month-end index level showed that the Liv-ex 100
fell slightly in October, but there are still two months to go before the end
of year level – and the winner – is revealed.