While many wines have plummeted in price since the market’s
downturn, there are some that have defied conditions by seeing record price
highs last month.

Of the wines in the Bordeaux 500 Index, 36 out of 450
(excluding the 2009s which have only been recently added) reached new price
peaks in October 2012. You will notice from the wines below the conspicuous lack of First
Growths: these have seen an average 33.9% drop since their top prices. Only
Petit Mouton shows positive price growth for the Second Wines, which have seen
the biggest drop on average across the six sub-sections of the index – a 35.1%
fall from their peaks, with Carruades Lafite 2004 (LWIN
) and 2008 (LWIN
, for example, seeing more than a 50% dip in price since

But the Right Bank 100 wines are flourishing, posting strong
price increases on last year. 19 of the 90 wines (again excluding the 2009s) reached new price highs in
October 2012. Certain brands are having particular success: Clos Fourtet and
Vieux Chateau Certan, for example, alongside the recently promoted Pavie and
Angelus. Clos Fourtet 2000 (LWIN 10083392000)
has risen nearly 70% in price year-on-year, while Vieux Chateau
Certan has seen impressive increases for three of its vintages. 

Several Left Bank 200 wines are also storming ahead. The
sale of Calon
appears to be impacting positively on its more recent vintages, with
the 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 seeing an average 28.2% increase in price on this
time last year. Other wines that have moved up significantly in price –
Lagrange St Julien 2002 (LWIN 10120132002),
Pontet Canet 2001 (LWIN 10143072001)
– show that even in the current market, there are wines showing positive

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Wines that reached new price highs in October 2012