In July
we reported on the individual performances of the component indices within the Bordeaux
: the First Growths, the Right Bank 50, the Second Wine 50, the
Sauternes 50, the Right Bank 100 and the Left Bank 200. Back then each of the
indices was experiencing a year-on-year loss, with all having fallen in June, although
the Right Bank 100 had only fallen marginally and had seen occasional gains
over the period.  

The update below shows a more positive picture. Most indices – excluding
the Second Wine 50, which has dropped by 3.2% – have managed to hold relatively
steady since July. But it is clearly one side of the Gironde that has turned a
corner in the last few months. Both the Right Bank 50 and Right Bank 100 have
posted gains since July: the former 1.1%, the latter 5%.

Notably, the Right Bank 100 is posting a year-on-year increase of
3.8%. Although it was already starting to rise before the promotion of Pavie
and Angelus was announced, their new status has evidently impacted on the index’s