Yesterday’s blog looked at the increase in trade for Mouton
Rothschild during November: in particular its 1996 (LWIN 10135441996), which is currently trading
for its April 2010 price. But the 1996 is not the only Mouton vintage to match
quality with relative affordability, as shown in the chart below.

Other vintages with a Market Price below the £3,000 mark
(per 12×75) include the 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2007. While the
majority of these may be considered ‘off-vintage’ Moutons, they still carry
impressive critic scores of 90 points or higher, and they are at their lowest
price in two and a half years.

Moreover, Mouton’s last fifteen vintages tend to be more affordable than
other First Growths. Four are the cheapest (shown on the chart below) and eight are the second cheapest after Haut Brion. The 2005 and 2009, for example, are cheaper than
any other First Growth of the same vintage; yet still boast scores of 95 and 99
points respectively. And prices have fallen: the 2005 is currently 11% cheaper
than it was sixth months ago; the 2009 is 10% cheaper.

Trades for Mouton today include the 1998 (one of Robert Parker's wines of the vintage, see  for £2,850 per 12×75 and the 2006 for £3,590. Consumers can
view the latest Liv-ex Bids, Offers and Transaction prices, plus the Market Prices,