DRC vs Liv-ex 50

The trajectory of the DRC index in 2012 was somewhat different
to that of the Liv-ex
. In May it climbed to a new peak, at a time when the Liv-ex 50 was rapidly
falling. Although the brand was not immune to the prevailing climate, and the
index subsequently dropped, its overall 0.9% loss for the year is far slighter
than that of its Bordeaux rivals.

Most striking is its performance over time. The DRC index is
up 53.2% since August 2008, while the Liv-ex 50 is up just 13%, and the DRC
brand recently knocked Lafite off the top of the Liv-ex
Power 100
list. Yet with many of its wines at eye-watering prices (DRC
Tache 2005 last traded on Liv-ex at £28,800 per 12×75), and the market now seeking
perceived value, can Burgundy hold its lead over a newly chastened Bordeaux