Jancis Robinson MW has published
her scores on the Bordeaux 2009s
, following the annual tasting event organised
by recently retired Bordeaux négocient Bill Blatch in Southwold. The table below collates some of her scores for Left Bank and Right Bank wines, with the
First Growths at the top of the table.

Although Robinson mentions tasting ‘many great bottles’ in
her notes, her scores may seem a little low for what is considered as a
historically great vintage. They certainly don’t include the plethora of top
scores given during in-bottle tastings last year by Robert Parker (his ‘perfect’
2009s are marked on the below table with an asterisk).  For Robinson, it is Mouton (‘real energy here’) that is the best of the Left Bank 2009s.
Nevertheless, her tasting notes acknowledge Latour as ‘favourite of the group’,
although she awards its second wine a higher score. Forts Latour
far-outperforms the other second wines of the Firsts, which receive several of
the lower scores.

Over on the Right Bank, Clinet and L’Eglise Clinet were the
only wines to receive 19 points. Petrus and Ausone also scored highly. For all of the scores and notes from the tasting visit www.jancisrobinson.com

Bordeaux 2009_Jancis Robinson