Back in September we had already begun to notice the effect of
the sale of the Calon Segur estate in late June. The wine’s prices were rising
and vintages were trading steadily – propelled, no doubt, by the estate’s new
affiliation with Petrus owner Jean-Francois Moueix, who took a minority stake
in the property.

This growth has continued so far in 2013. Trade for Calon
Segur in the first few days of February has already been solid, with the 2000
and 2008 proving particularly popular with buyers. As seen from the chart
below, all of Calon's recent in-bottle vintages have posted price increases since the sale, with three seeing rises in excess of 40%.

The gains have seen the vintages climb close to £50 a bottle
– a price which only the 2000 currently exceeds.  Is this the ceiling for Calon’s back vintages,
or will they continue to rise further? 

Calon Segur