James Suckling and Jean-Marc Quarin have released their
scores following tastings in Bordeaux for the 2010s.

This is evidently an exceptional vintage for both. Suckling
is particularly effusive, awarding 11 wines a perfect score of 100 – compared
to the nine 100 points he awarded the 2009s. His scores are largely higher than
Quarin’s, with those in our table averaging 98.4 compared to the latter’s 96.2.
The critics also differ on a couple of wines: Suckling calls Figeac 2010 (LWIN 10097692010)
‘breathtaking’ and awards it 98 points, whereas Quarin gives the wine only 89.

 There are clearly some
stand-out wines. Cheval Blanc (LWIN 10081082010)
and Latour (LWIN 10123162010)
receive 100 points from both critics, with Suckling describing the former as
‘Truly one of the greatest Chevals ever. Better than the 2009.’ In his report
on the scores Suckling reflects on the relative merits of the 2009s and 2010s,
describing the latter as ‘a twin vintage in quality’ although ‘very much
different in style’ to the 2009, and affirming that ‘outstanding wines exist
across the board in both vintages, from the greatest chateaux to the simplest

A selection of their top scores is below, with wines ranked
in descending order according to their combined score from the two critics. Liv-ex
members may be interested to note that we currently have 153 active markets for
Bordeaux 2010 on the exchange

JMQ and JS Bdx 2010

*En Primeur score used, no update available

Source: www.jamessuckling.com and www.quarin.com