Liv-ex Champagne 25

The end of January brought an update to the Liv-ex Champagne 25 Index (shown above against the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50) which tracks the top Champagne vintages in the market. Low liquidity pushed out several older vintages, including Cristal 1995 (LWIN 10825421995)and Krug 1988 (LWIN 10823791988). With a fifth of wines leaving the index, this made way for releases from last year.  This included Taittinger Comtes 2002 (LWIN 10830572002), which accounted for a quarter of all Champagne trade by value in 2012, and the recently released Taittinger Comtes 2004 (LWIN 10830572004).

The components currently in the Liv-ex Champagne 25 index are shown below. The Final Thought in the February Cellar Watch Market Report (released later this week) will be on Champagne.  

Liv-ex Champagne 25 components