Since the St
Emilion upgrade
last September we have watched prices rise for Pavie. Back
in August last year the average market price for its 2000-2009 vintages was
around £1,700 – it is now around £2,100.

This may be why buyers are turning to the 2011 vintage (LWIN 1013850).
As shown below, Pavie 2011 last traded on Liv-ex for £1,188 per 12×75 – a good
deal more affordable than the other vintages. It is the only recent Pavie
vintage available at under £100 a bottle.  

So far in March Pavie has accounted for nearly 7% of all
Bordeaux trade by value, vastly boosted by trades for the 2011. It may be a
young wine, but in-barrel scores from most critics suggest the quality of the
2011 is similar to the 2004 and 2008, which are far more expensive.   

Pavie 2011

For those who are members of the exchange, we currently have 21 live markets for Pavie (vintages 2000-2011), in multiple sizes.