‘Another great
vintage’ was Parker’s verdict on Bordeaux 2010. His in-bottle scores were
released on Friday, with 2010 trade on Liv-ex picking up earlier that week in
anticipation. Although fewer perfect scores were awarded than for the 2009s –
ten in total – Parker deemed the two vintages the very best that he has tasted
in 34 years.

Six wines have the accolade of
receiving perfect Parker scores for both vintages: Haut-Brion (LWIN 1011247), Latour (LWIN 1012316), Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse (LWIN 1006423), Le Pin (LWIN 1014192), Petrus (LWIN 1014033) and Pontet Canet (LWIN 1014307). Of these, Pontet Canet’s achievement
is the most striking: a Fifth Growth wine with First Growth quality. As seen
below, Parker’s score has had a notable effect on its prices. Having traded for
around £1,300 per 12×75 in December, Pontet Canet 2010’s price shot to £1,600
over the weekend. While this price is new territory for this Fifth Growth, its score and the company which it keeps at the top suggests that
the wine offers remarkable value for money. 


There has been steady trade for the 2010s since the scores
were released, with the new 100 point Pape Clement (LWIN 1013690) also finding buyers. Meanwhile
Pichon Baron was a disappointment to some: its trade price lifted from £1,576
to £1,845 per 12×75 before Parker’s scores were announced but dropped back once
it was known that the wine had not joined the 100 point club.