This month saw the
launch of a standalone website for L-WIN – the universal wine identifier. L-WIN is a unique numerical code, designed to improve the
simplicity, speed and accuracy of data and information exchange throughout the wine trade.

L-WIN is used to:

  • Improve database accuracy and facilitate the sharing of wine related data
  • Revolutionise supply chain efficiency: avoid errors
    and re-keying
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability

The first six
numbers of the code represent each wine’s unique identifier, while the seventh
number is a “check digit” that minimises input errors. Each L-WIN refers to the
wine itself (i.e. the producer and brand, grape or vineyard). Additional
information, such as the vintage, bottle size or pack size can be easily added
as separate fields.

L-WIN formats are:

  • L-WIN: 1234567 – Example winery, Cabernet
  • L-WIN-11: 12345672012 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012
  • L-WIN-16: 1234567201200750 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012, 750ml
    bottle size*
  • L-WIN-18: 123456720121200750 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012, 12
    bottles of 750ml

*All bottles sizes are expressed in millilitres in a five digit format.

On the new L-WIN website the
entire L-WIN data file is available for download. The database is constantly
evolving, and you can request an L-WIN for any wine that is currently not

If you want to learn more about L-WIN and how it will help
your business, please get in touch