Liv-ex 100_March

Posting its fourth consecutive monthly gain, the Liv-ex Fine
Wine 100 index rose by 1.29% in March. It closed the month on 279.9 – its
highest level since April 2012. Despite having touched 326.69 mid-month, the
Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 closed March on a more modest 322.67: a gain of just 0.3%.

This month has seen
the Liv-ex 100 welcome in the 2010s (a blog on the full changes to the index
will be posted this week). Not surprisingly perhaps, Parker's 100-point wines Pape Clement and Latour 2010 were among the greatest risers of the Liv-ex 100 components. Tache 2009 also proved popular, following a solid rise for its 2006 last

Latour 1995 – this year’s ex-chateau
– was also one of March’s risers, but is still far off its London
release price of £4,950, suggesting that the market remains unconvinced by its