Today Haut Brion 2012 was released at €240 per bottle
ex-negociant, the same as Margaux
and Mouton.
It is being offered in London for £2,800 per 12×75. This makes the new wine 4%
more expensive than its next more affordable recent vintage, the 2007.

As last
week’s blog
highlighted, it is the wines at the top end of the price
spectrum that offer the most handsome reduction on the 2011s. In particular, Lafite
and Margaux 2012 – as shown in the chart below – are significantly cheaper than
their next most affordable vintage. 

It is early days for Haut Brion 2012: it is yet to
trade.  Meanwhile Lafite, Margaux and Mouton have accounted for
84% of all Bordeaux 2012 trade on Liv-ex to date. In a campaign where price is everything, the Firsts are leading the way.  

Bordeaux First Growths_2012