Liv-ex 100_May

Prices remained stable in May. The Liv-ex indices ran flat,
with the Liv-ex
Fine Wine 100
and Liv-ex
Fine Wine 50
showing falls of 0.3% and 0.03% respectively. The Liv-ex 100
ended the month on 275.44 and the Liv-ex 50 on 318.48.

An ill-judged Bordeaux 2012 release meant that the vintage saw
muted trade on the secondary market. Buyers reacted by selling high value wines
from exceptional vintages: pressure frequently fell on the newly physical
2010s, which accounted for 27% of all Bordeaux trade by value.

Interestingly, Yquem (LWIN 1017757)
– which did not release a 2012 vintage – was at the top of the Liv-ex 100
movers’ table, with its 2007 gaining 8.3%. 

Liv-ex 100 movers_May

May levels for all Liv-ex indices can be viewed here