The failed 2012 En Primeur campaign has left the market in
stasis, with all Liv-ex indices running flat in May.  Thanks to Bordeaux’s rousing performance earlier
in the year the Liv-ex 50 index is posting a year to date increase of 5.3%, despite
the recent dip. The DRC 50 – which has been one of the best
indices of the last few years – has shown notable signs of slowing. Meanwhile
the Super Tuscan 50 continues to perform solidly.  

Last year saw the Liv-ex indices rise in the first quarter before
falling following the failed En Primeur campaign. The Liv-ex 100 fell 4% in May
2012 – last month’s loss of just 0.3% gives hope that the market may have avoided
repeating this pattern. But it remains to be seen as to which direction it is

Liv-ex indices YTD