Last month we observed that Liv-ex’s Super Tuscan index – which tracks the movements of Italy’s most powerful wine brands – has shown the strongest performance year to date of all Liv-ex indices, rising nearly 8%. Its performance this year has been boosted by Masseto and Tignanello, which have seen price gains of 10.8% and 13.1% respectively, but over a five year period Ornellaia has outperformed all others.

The clear outsider is Solaia, which has struggled to rise. In terms of score, Solaia’s vintages are on a par with Ornellaia and slightly better than Sassicaia. But on average its recent vintages are 6-7.5% more expensive, despite the others’ gains, suggesting the underperformance is warranted. If the Super Tuscan Index maintains its pace, Solaia will soon have to join the fray.

Super Tuscans