Owner: Cordier family
Appellation: Saint-Julien
Classification: Fourth

Vineyard area: 102 hectares
Average annual production: 25,000
Standard blend: 68%
Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot and 4% Petit Verdot
Other wines: Connétable
de Talbot (red), Caillou Blanc (white)


In the 15th Century, Chateau
Talbot was owned (and named after) Sir John
Talbot, an important English military commander who was defeated at the battle
of Castillon in 1453. This ended the English control of Aquitaine – a principal
cause of the 100 year war – and it passed back into French hands.

In 1917 the estate
was acquired by the Cordier family, who are credited with improving the quality
of the wines and raising the profile of Talbot within Bordeaux. The estate is
one of the largest in the whole region and grapes are harvested by hand, with
around 200 cutters, while vinification is done in wooden vats.

Sisters Lorraine
and Nancy Cordier took the reins at Talbot after their father’s death in 1993. Lorraine
died in 2011 but Nancy continues to manage the estate along with her husband,
Jean Paul Bignon. Jacques Boissenot and Stephane Derenoncourt act as


Talbot index

Talbot sits in the
Liv-ex Left Bank 200 index, which is part of the Liv-ex Bordeaux 500. Of the 20
wines in the Left Bank 200, Talbot has been the best performer over a five year
period, rising 45%. This translates to a 19% rise over two years; as shown in
the chart above, Talbot successfully rode the market’s downturn and far
outperformed its two parent indices.

2013 has seen
Talbot’s prices climb further, as shown below. The majority of the 2000-2009
vintages have now reached a level of around £400 per 12×75, as opposed to a
level of £300 at the beginning of the year. Talbot has long been popular in the
UK, recognised as good value for money; only two of its vintages over the last 40
years are trading for over £1,000 (the legendary 1982 and 1986). But quality as
a whole seems to be rising – of the vintages below, six have critic scores of
90 or above – and this is now being reflected in the price.

Talbot vintage movement