June 2011 was the point at which the fine wine market peaked.
Asian demand for fine wine had driven the Liv-ex 100 up 69% in two years, and by
the middle of 2011 its level was a record 364.69. At this point, the bubble
burst. Over the next two years the index retreated, and despite occasional
periods of market optimism the Liv-ex 100 is currently 24.8% below its

Yet as the table below shows, it has not been all doom and
gloom since the market fell. Prices for the First Growths and their Second Wines
reached an unsustainable premium during the market’s bull run, and subsequently
they have seen the greatest losses of the Bordeaux 500's component indices. By comparison the Sauternes 50, Left Bank
200 and Right Bank 50 have fallen relatively little. Meanwhile the Right Bank
100 has belied market conditions: it posted its eleventh consecutive gain in
June, and is showing 13.8% growth.