We have previously looked to the bid:offer ratio (the total value of bids divided by the total value of offers on the Liv-ex exchange) for an indication of the market’s direction. Historically, a level above 0.5 is the point at which prices start to creep up. Currently the ratio stands at 0.47, having peaked this year at 0.75 in January.

Below, we have broken the ratio down for individual regions – and results are varied. Although the ratio for red Bordeaux fell from 0.88 in January to 0.47 in July, it rose for all other regions. Champagne and Italian wines have proved popular with diversifying buyers, and bids are also increasing for the Rhone. Bordeaux may not be back in fashion with buyers just yet, but it would seem that beyond the Gironde, the wine market is thriving.  

Bid to Offer Ratio_by region