Angelus and Pavie_index moves

In September 2012 the results of the long-awaited St Emilion re-classification were announced. The big winners were Angelus and Pavie, which were
upgraded to
Premier Grand Cru Classe A to sit alongside Cheval Blanc and Ausone. In the year since then,
both have seen solid activity on the secondary market, and substantial price
moves across all recent vintages.

It would seem from the index chart above that Angelus has
seen greater success than Pavie. However, as shown below, both have now reached an average of just over
£2,100 per 12×75.

Pavie and Angelus have come a long way in a flat market. But if they are to match their
fellow Classe A wines, it would seem there is further to go: Cheval Blanc’s 2000-2009
vintages are on average £3,664 per 12×75, while Ausone’s are £6,520.  

Angelus and Pavie_price moves