Yquem 2011 was today released at €250 per bottle ex-negociant,
and is being offered in London for £2,900 per 12×75. The wine has been well
received by critics, with Robert Parker scoring it 97 points and calling it “a
close cousin of the 2001 and possibly the 1988.” 

Yquem vintages

Above, we have charted the 2011 against vintages of similar
acclaim (scores given at the bottom of this article), using its London release
price in lieu of current market price. As shown, the ex-negociant price of the
newest physical Yquem is much cheaper than those of its recent older siblings. LVMH
has been ramping up Yquem’s release prices since buying the brand in the late
90s, a policy that has caused the brand to sink the secondary market.

Yquem has announced that it will not be releasing a vintage
in 2012, which may push buyers towards the 2011. At the same time, the 1988,
1989 and 1990 offer similar prices and scores. Although the 2011 can be drunk
young, Parker suggested that this wine has the structure to age for 50-75+
years. While you wait, the older vintages certainly look appealing. 

Yquem scores