Liv-ex 100 index_October

All Liv-ex indices declined in October. The Liv-ex 50 closed
the month on 303.95, down 1.5%, and the Liv-ex 100 closed on 265.18, down 1.0%.
Levels for all Liv-ex indices can be seen here.

This month’s Liv-ex 100 major movers table is populated with
2009s. With buyers seeking quality and value, prices for more affordable high-scoring
Bordeaux 09s (Montrose, 100; Cos d'Estournel, 100; VCC, 99) have risen to a level of around £2,200 per 12×75. At the other end
of the table, the First Growths remained under pressure.   

Liv-ex 100 major movers